It's a very simple process that can be understood very easily.


We have paid and free courses. First, let's see how an educator can earn from free courses.


Earning from free courses.


On every free course, enrolment educator will get a payout of ₹5

The payout will be credited to the educator bank account only when the enrolled student will watch more than 50% of the course watch time.


Requirement: There should be a minimum of 10 videos in the free course.


Earning from paid courses.


E.g. if a student enrolls in your course worth ₹1000 then the following will be the breakdown of the revenue.

(A) Sales
(B) GST 18% Deduction
(C) Fix 10% Deduction
D = A - B - C
Company Earning 50%
Educator Earning 50%

The 10% fix deduction is only for the server storage changes of your video course.

Note: The fix deduction of 10% is on per sale of the course and it's not a fix monthly or annually deduction.