Auto-logout is not an issue it's and security feature. To avoid the auto-logout feature you just need to do one this.

Do not share your login credential with anyone.


Let's understand why you are facing an auto-logout issue. You might have given your Keet Classroom account login credential to someone and they are accessing your account from some other computer or device. Whenever our security system detects more the one user accessing the account with the same username then the system logout the existing user automatically.


How to avoid this issue

  1. Do not share your Keet Classroom Credentials with anyone
  2. Always login with Google Account or GitHub
  3. Activate 2-factor authentication on your Google (How to with Google) or GitHub Account (How to with GitHub)

If you think your account password is compromised the simply reset your password.


If you are an instructor and you feel your account is compromised then follow the steps.

  1. Reset your Keet Classroom Password
  2. Reset your Google account Passwords
  3. Turn on 2 Factor Authentication with Google (How to with Google) if already activated then ignore this step
  4. Turn on 2 Factor Authentication with GitHub  (How to with GitHub) if already activated then ignore this step 
  5. Check your Payout Details


Once the payout is debited then it cannot be reversed or re-debited