Uploading course is easy in Keet Classroom (keetclassroom.com)
First, you need to have a Keet Classroom account. Once you sign in, in the top right corner you will find the option Instructor

As soon as you click on the Instructor button, you will be redirected to the instructor dashboard.

As you land on the Instructor dashboard, scroll below to Account Info, and click on the edit button.

Once you click on the edit button, a model will appear which will ask for your bank details.

Make sure the bank details are added correctly, you will receive your payouts on these back details only.

Once the bank details are added head back to the Navigation bar and click on Courses.

You will be redirected to the Course page.

Click of Add New Course

A modal for creating a new course will appear.

Fill in the required details. (If your course category is not available please contact our support.)

Once the information is filled click on the Save button.

Your course Title is Created.

Now click on the edit button which is in front of your course title.

Now follow the step-by-step process to upload your course.


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